Central Texas Art

Sharon Loy Anderson

Artistic Vision

My artistic vision is to unveil the beauty of the Texas Hill Country for all to see and experience in a way I see it on a daily basis. Not everyone can go out the door, take a deep breath of fresh air, and see green flora blooming in a zillion colors and shapes. Or, sit on one’s porch on top of a hill seeing the sky for miles with huge cumulus clouds floating on the wavy atmosphere. Forty hummingbirds are at the feeders along with bees gathering sugar water then nectar from wild flowers. Huge CaraCara fly overhead looking for a meal. Roadrunners flash down the dirt road jumping at grasshoppers. Gray foxes sneak up the rambling hills coming in search of free range chickens who start cackling to each other in warning of a fox sighting. Deer come in herds with fawns barely old enough to walk alongside their mothers. My world is mostly green covered by a big blue-turquoise sky. I want to share this Earth’s beauty with those who can not access these scenes everyday. So, I paint this environment for others to enjoy through my art work. My paintings are invitations to seek out nature. My focus, for the last ten years, has been Central Texas. Recording Central Texas through art has been a wonderful colorful journey.