Eggxactly The Right Time

Size:     30″ X 40″

Media: Golden Acrylics and Satin Varnish

Year:    2019

Eggxactly the Right Time

plus tax and shipping if needed




Eggxactly The Right Time

The girl form is hanging on to a former existence as the numbers start to vanish on the face of the watch with no hands. She is the color of water. The disks located below the moon and the watch represent the time of non-existence. The moon’s phases are a hint of outside influences on us throughout our lives. The egg hasn’t started cell multiplication so there are no minutes or hours on the eggshell. The yoke is life on Earth. The yoke Earth is broken in time zones where the female will live out her lifetime. The green steps rising to the egg are symbolic of life/growth about to start, birth on Earth. The hourglass has started time. The clocks stretching out from the hourglass to the red steps are passages in minutes, hours, and years. The red steps lead out of life to hell. The angel above holds the clock of no time, eagerly watching to see which path the being will take. Passing through space after death are eggs of reincarnation. Does hell make us reincarnate? Do we reincarnate? What happens if we reach the Angel? The upside down watches, appearing in the upper clouds, are modern elements of time that show our illusion of time, ticking on the face of a non-life form. It’s eggxactly the right time for a new life.

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